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Home and Garden - Durable and Comfortable Knee Pads - Small Zone

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Tradesman Pro - Durable and Comfortable Knee Pads - Full Zone with Roll Control

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What makes Durakneez knee pads special?

Durakneez knee pads are durable and handmade to provide comfortable universal fit for every working people. If you are tasked with any job that requires you to get on your knees, then these kneepads are designed to let you kneel on anything, including tiles, concrete, hard wood floors, grass and even rocks! 

Inside these kneepads is a padding that provides superior impact protection, comfort and durability. This light weight, unique material has outstanding shock absorption and is being used in Military, Sports and Industrial applications. The US Military uses it to reduce impact in their armor vests and helmets and NASCAR is using it to reduce vibration in their Drivers seats. Pretty impressive stuff!

Abrasion resistant neoprene construction combined with the non-slip knee zone material provides superior protection and stability in wet or dry conditions.  Neoprene construction with stretch loop easy on velcro straps are comfortable enough for all day wear and as a matter of fact you will quite likely forget you have your kneepads on. Extensively field tested during development and currently sold and used by workers in a variety of trades and home owners. Patented design and every pair is hand crafted by EZ Knees with love in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Durable knee pads for getting every kneeling task done with ease!
Padded with the same ballistic absorbent material used in law enforcement and military bullet-proof vests, every pair of Durakneez knee pads is handmade with attention to the highest quality and details.