Meet the Inventors of Durakneez

Barry & Darleen Collins

Durakneez® kneepads were developed by Barry Collins, the Owner/Operator of Green Tree Installations, a window, door and moulding Installations Company. He's spent his lifetime working on his knees - crawling on scaffolding, floors and carpets, kneeling in the mud, on gravel, wood, or concrete. A former Mason and tile company owner, Barry is well aware of the need for knee protection and the level of frustration experienced with what is and has been available on the market. Workers have had 2 choices- wear NOTHING or WEAR CRAP and I'm sure most people have a collection of "those" kneepads collecting dust in their closets. Let me assure you, these Durakneez® Kneepads are the ANSWER - the next generation of new and improved Design, hi-tech, light weight, Kneepads that workers WANT to wear.

Along with his wife, Barry started EZ Knees Kneepads Ltd. and took the time to source, sample and test materials and test designs both internally and externally; using various Tradesmen, testing and re-testing until he had everything just right. They called them Durakneez® Kneepads; Trademarked and Patented them in both the United States and Canada. They are sure you will agree, these kneepads are so comfortable, you will forget you have them on and so effective and light weight, you will be telling your workmates to get their own. Another amazing fact is that Durakneez® Kneepads are "Canadian Made" manufactured in their home province of British Columbia, Canada.

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