Stay Safe, Be Safe

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We are excited to continue growing our sales and protect as many knees as we can.

Date Posted: November 16, 2020
By Darleen Collins

My previous blogs have been a lot about safety on the job.  After becoming a Wife and Mother, I left the office administration world 17 years ago to work with my Husband in his construction business. Hands on, on the job, learning new skills and meeting new challenges.  He is a stickler for safety and has drilled it into my head since I started and reminding all his workers daily to work safely.  Climbing scaffold, working on ladders and up on roofs is a necessary part of the job. 

Fortunately; neither of us had had a serious incident ever until a few weeks ago that is…while installing windows, my Husband made a mistake that resulted in a fall which could have cost him his life. 8 broken ribs, a fractured clavical, shoulder and arm plus a punctured lung.  In an instant, our lives were upended and he spent 2 weeks in hospital during this already unsettling Covid crisis.  He's at home now and on what will likely be a long painful recovery but I couldn't be more thankful that he is still here.

Christmas is coming and what better way to show someone you care then by gifting them a pair of the most comfortable kneepads they will ever own. Durakneez are it!  Whether they are professional Tradesmen or DIYers, these kneepads are useful for any task inside or out, where knee comfort and protection are required.  Canadian owned and Canadian Made.

Durakneez, our truly remarkable kneepad, will continue to sell online throughout Canada and the USA.  We are excited to continue growing our sales and protect as many knees as we can.  We appreciate all the shares and positive feedback we receive from Customers. Thank you!  Meanwhile; please, please, stay safe, be safe, and be thankful for the things we have.  We will get through this.       

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