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Date Posted: June 17, 2019
By Darleen Collins

In my last blog, I talked about our responsibility to encourage other workers to utilize personal safety equipment. This sentiment should also extend with enthusiasm to young people in the workplace. According to statistics, they have high job-related injuries resulting primarily from their lack of experience and lack of knowledge.

According to WCB, in fact, young workers are at greater risk of being injured on the job than any other group of workers. Providing safety training, making safety equipment mandatory and readily available, is the responsibility that all us seasoned and veteran workers need to enforce. At the end of the day, setting the example, creating danger awareness, and setting behaviour expectations on the jobsite will help them develop a healthy attitude towards their own personal safety and the safety of others.  It's everyone's responsibility and here is some information from the WCB "Guide for Employers of young workers". 

Part 12 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act deals with duties of employers, and states:

(1) An employer shall ensure

(a) that every reasonable precaution is taken to protect the occupational health and safety of persons at or near the workplace;

(b) that any item, device, material, equipment or machinery provided for the use of workers at a workplace is properly maintained, and is properly equipped with the safety features or devices, as recommended by the manufacturer or required by the regulations;

(c) that such information, instruction, training, supervision, and facilities are provided as are necessary to ensure the occupational health and safety of the workers;

(d) that workers and supervisors are familiar with occupational health or safety hazards at the workplace;

(e) that workers are made familiar with the proper use of all safety features or devices, equipment and clothing required for their protection; and

(f) that the employer's undertaking is conducted so that workers are not exposed to occupational health or safety hazards as a result of the undertaking.

Quote of the Day:  If you don't wear your kneepads, your knees will get sore and you will be sorry…

If you don't wear your knee pads, your knees will get sore and you will be sorry
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