The Most Comfortable and Innovative Kneepads

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FACT:  When you kneel down, 89% of your body weight is directly on your knees! 

Now that's a lot of pressure.  That's why kneepads are so important for knee health!

FACT:  Others Should & Ours Do:

  • Distribute the weight and provide relief and comfort
  • Protect from impact, abrasion & injury
  • Reduce knee pain from already affected knees
  • Prevent bruising
  • Support the knees
  • Improve stability on wet or dry uneven terrain

FACT:  Our Kneepads are SUPERIOR!

The Patented Single Strap Design is simple and effective.  It is self supporting and easy to secure below the knee and above the calf.  No binding behind the knee.  The stretch loop on the Velcro strap allows for a snug fitment and makes activity effortless and comfortable.

The Inner pad is far superior to our competitors. In even the most extreme impact tests and weather conditions, the padding will never compress more than 67% of its original shape. That means they won't bottom out.  They are light and flexible, without sacrificing protection. . It does not absorb any fluids such as water or sweat, so the weight of the pad will not increase with activity.

The Knee Zones on the Durakneez Garden and Durakneez Tradesman Pro utilize a unique embossed, waterproof, fabric that holds up strongly to wear and abrasion while also offering grip and non-skid in both wet and dry conditions. It's also fire retardant, washable, and cold crack tested.

The Inner Roll Control is only available on the Durakneez Tradesman Pro.  This premium feature provides the user with additional knee stability and comfort that you're going to love.

Created by and field tested by actual working Tradesmen. Durakneez are Chiropractor endorsed!  


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