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Don't Be One of the 3

May 29, 2019

Did you know that research has shown that one-third of all on-the-job injuries in Canada occurred among workers in trades, transport and equipment operation?  According to safethink.ca, generally one million workers per year are injured and thousands more become sick or diseased from their work.

Statistics also show an average of 3 people a day die in the workplace in Canada. As a Carpenter, I have become accustomed to some minor injuries in the execution of my work but wow ... these stats are staggering.

In writing this blog, it occurred to me that we all have a responsibility to gently police each other. Too often, I see workers that aren't wearing the equipment they should.  I have no problem reminding people to put their ''ears on'' or offer them work glasses or a set of kneepads to borrow. It generally isn't often received with open arms but it gets them thinking and maybe it will be a catalyst for change. Sometimes just knowing that others are watching and caring will inspire them to take better care of their own health and safety.

My Quote for the Day: Wearing safety equipment tells others that you respect yourself and your job and in turn earns you the respect of others.

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