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Take Preventative Action Now - Before It's Too Late

May 21, 2019

It’s easy to ignore knee protection unless you kneel on a screw or rock and suddenly the pain shoots to your brain like a rocket. But if you cuss your way through the occasional incident, then you aren’t taking knee protection seriously and you don’t want to wait until it’s too late.

Fact is, many knee problems develop over time as a result of repetitive movement and pressure on patella and meniscus.  Unfortunately, by the time the wheel squeaks, the damage is already done.  When it comes to knee longevity, it is about taking preventative action. 

If your work requires you to kneel, knee pads are your primary way to protect your knees and reduce the risk of getting Knee Bursitis which is also known as ''Housemaid's Knee'', ''Roofer's Knee'', ''Carpet Layer's Knee'' and ''Miner's Knee''. These are popular names of prepatellar bursitis and pretibial bursitis. Both occur when the bursitis sacs that cushion the knee joint become irritated by excessive kneeling. 

Reduce your risk and prolong your work life by investing in a good set of kneepads like Durakneez Industrial Kneepads.  Your knees will thank you.

If you are on the list below, you are at higher risk of developing knee problems.

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